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“Social media doesn’t work for my business”

As I talk to business owners, I'm constantly told that "social media doesn't work for my business".

But, how is it that social media companies are among the largest in the world, with billions of dollars of ad revenue, if they're products (i.e., social media networks) "don't work".

The answer lies in how you define "working" and the content you create to support your goals.

Defining success with specific social media goals

Often times people who run businesses social media accounts focus on one or two specific metrics or KPI's (key performance indicators), rather than how they fit in the greater strategy. This narrow focus on a specific metric can be frustrating because you can't see the bigger picture.

For instance, if you're only focused on growing your followers, so you can report that we have ### followers, then it doesn't matter if they buy from you or not. All you're looking at is follower count.

But, if you know that this type of person is more likely to buy from you, then you can focus your efforts on attracting this sub-group - and part of that strategy will include social media.

For example, if you know that people in the state of Iowa, ages 35-55, who own their own business, are most likely to buy your products/services. You can use the Meta business tools to see that there's about 20,000 people on Facebook who fit that criteria. And, let's say your business has 500 followers today. That leaves a lot of opportunity for your page to grow.

Create platform specific content

So, to attract these Iowa based small business owners we need to understand the:

  • Problems that we solve for them

  • Information they need to make a purchase decision

  • Places they look for information

With this information we can start to create content that helps them make their purchase decision. This can include a mix of email newsletter, website blog, social media, etc.

Social media is great because people spend a lot of time there, it's free to post your content, and you can get the reps you need to build your brand with your target audience.

The downside of social media is that organic (i.e. free) reach is decreasing, so you might consider adding social media ads to your marketing mix to target your specific group. The more you understand who your targeted audience is, the greater the return on investment will be.

The more strategic and focused you can make your social media, the more it will start to work for your business.


If you're interested in having an experienced marketer, like myself, look at what you're doing and identify opportunities, then let's schedule an introductory conversation. Simply email me directly at

You can also learn about our social media management service here -

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