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The power of user generated content

You don't always have to create original content for your business's social media. By leveraging the content that your customers and employees create (i.e., user generated content) you can diversify your business's social media profile.

What is user generated content (UGC)?

UGC is when someone tags your business in their post about your business, products, or employees. They may be posting about how much they enjoyed working with you or they may be showing a new way to use your products.

For example, in this post Central Iowa based hot sauce company Lola's Fine Sauces was tagged in a post that shows a new way to use their fiery chipotle salsa.

Not only does this post expand Lola's Fine Sauce's brand awareness to this page's followers, but it also gives Lola's Fine Sauce's an opportunity to comment on the post and keep the conversation going for even greater engagement.

3 ways to encourage UGC creation

The reason that UGC content is so popular is because of its authenticity. People are more likely to trust content that's been created by their friends than they are to trust content created by a business. But, there are still ways that your business can encourage UGC creation.

  1. Host an event and encourage attendees to tag your business in photos they share.

  2. Create a photogenic backdrop in your office where people can pose for their latest update.

  3. Host a contest where you directly ask for your followers for their feedback.

Social media doesn't have to be a one-way conversation. Increase your engagement and you'll start to see the buzz about your business grow.

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