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Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing because each email can be personalized for a one-on-one experience for the recipient while giving your business the benefit of scale.

Violet Clover Consulting can not only help you identify ways to grow your Email marketing list, but we can help you strategize and create Emails that convert those Emails into sales. When you're ready, let's meet to discuss how you're using Email to market your business today and what you'd like to achieve from your Email marketing going forward. But first, we've outlined some of the questions we receive to help you make a more informed decision. 

Common questions

How to grow your Email list?

Your Email list should consist of current customers, warm leads, and prospects. To grow your Email list you need to give them a reason to subscribe. For example, you can offer them a template or research that you give them in return for their Email address, or you can request their Email address at the point of purchase.

And, once you have their Email address, respect their privacy by keeping your customers's data secure. 

What metrics should you use to determine the success of your Email marketing? 

As consumer privacy measures continue to evolve, Email open rates are less and less reliable. For example, a few years ago Apple implemented new privacy features (learn more). 


Instead, we like to focus on other key metrics to gauge the success of an Email, including a low unsubscribe rate, a high click-through-rate, and more.

What does it mean to personalize an Email?

Yes, you can use demographic data (i.e., first name) to personalize the Email content, but it's also important to personalize the message itself. For example, you could send a message about your referral program to your existing customers while sending a message about a new product to your warm lead list.

A good rule of thumb is that the more relevant the message is to the recipient, the more likely they are to engage with that Email.

How can you use your Email list for more than a e-newsletter?

Your Email list can be used to categorize your leads and give your sales team a reason to call them. It can also be used to help your customer service team track their notes. 

But, you should never sell your Email list. People are trusting you with their personal information. The risk of something happening to their data and it falling back on your brand is far too high to justify any amount of money you may earn. 

Why Violet Clover Consulting?

After 15 years working in marketing at a couple Fortune 500 companies, Kellie Crawford wanted to use her marketing skills and experience to help smaller businesses and non-profits get the most from their marketing investments, so she started Violet Clover Consulting. 

We can not only help you with your Email marketing, but we can also help you develop an effective marketing strategy, manage your social media, develop your website, and more.

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