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In the face of inflation, Email marketing is a cost effective way to drive activity.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The impacts of inflation are being felt by everyone, so I wanted to share a cost effective way to drive marketing activity using your existing Email list. Step 1 - Evaluate your list and segment it into different groups based on the different opportunities. For example, you could create a segment with customer who have done business with you but aren't currently active. Another group could include people who have reached out to your business, but who haven't bought anything yet. Step 2 - For each segment, draft an email to restart the conversation with them. For the segment of past/not active customers, you could start by saying something like "I was thinking of you and the project we worked on together. I really enjoyed working with you and I wanted to see how your XYZ is going. I'm also looking to work with more people like you. Do you know anyone who might be a good fit?" For the prospects who haven't bought anything yet, you can keep it more simple by saying, "Are you still interested in XYZ? If so, let's schedule a meeting to talk about how I can help." Step 3 - Start sending the emails. You can use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage the lists and Emails. But, if you choose to send these Emails out manually, strive to send at least 50 Emails per week. Step 4 - Record responses. This information will help you further segment the groups for future Email campaigns.

This is a simple, yet effective, illustration of the power of Email marketing. If you'd like to discuss the opportunities within your specific Email list, let's schedule a meeting to discuss.

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