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Fortune 500 marketing pillars that any small business can use.

Before opening Violet Clover Consulting, I worked for 15 years in marketing for Fortune 500 companies. During my time at those companies I was able to gain experience promoting a wide range of products all over the US. Now, I'm working with small business owners, and I bring with me these 5 marketing pillars.

5 marketing pillars

  1. Clearly define your customer and their journey. At the center of your business is your customer. Sure, anyone with money could purchase your products and services, but by focusing on who is actually buying from you, you can deepen those relationships and attract more people like them.

  2. Bring your experience, but back it up with data. "We've always done it this way" can be one of the most inefficient statements in the business world if it isn't followed up with "but let's review the data to make sure it's still working for our business".

  3. Value-adding content sets your business apart. Online content (like this blog) helps you showcase your expertise, gives you something to promote online, and allows you to appear in long-tail keyword search results.

  4. Integrated marketing campaigns lead to greater return-on-investment (ROI). Creating and implementing an integrated marketing campaigns ensures that your marketing messaging appears on multiple mediums so that it can build on itself as people see it more than once.

  5. Don't be afraid to outsource some of the work. Whether it's for a specific project or a monthly subscription, when you outsource work it not only frees up your time but it also brings in a fresh perspective.

I'd love to learn about your business and how these 5 marketing pillars can help grow your business. Let's schedule a Zoom conversation.

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