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Building a memorable small business brand

Your small business brand is what sets your business apart from your competitors. Your competitors can move in next door. They can offer the same products and services. They can lower their prices. They can even hire your employees. But, the one thing they can't replicate is your brand - what people think of when they hear your name.


Real life example

For example, NIKE and Adidas offer very similar products, at similar price points, using similar distribution channels. So, what makes people pick one company over the other?


At the micro level you can say it's because of a specific style or fit. But, at the macro level it's because of what that company represents and who represents it - in other words, its brand. NIKE is known for partnering with elite athletes and using encouraging messages to help the every-athlete "Just Do It". Whereas Adidas is more noted for their street wear and soccer equipment.


People are going to be loyal to the brands they identify with and trust - leading to long-term sales.


Building your brand

Now, your business might not have millions of dollars to spend on a global brand campaign and sponsorship deals, but there are ways to build your brand for long-term growth. 

  1. Define what you want to be known for. What do customers say about your business today (i.e., Google Ads, social media, etc.)? What do you wish they would say?

  2. Plan your brand story. What are you going to proactively say about your business? What do your customers find valuable today?

  3. Start creating content to tell your brand story. Where are your customers spending their time so your message can interact with them where they are today (i.e., social media, local sponsorship, etc.)

  4. Monitor and analyze the results to identify new opportunities. 

With a strong brand your business can weather any volatilities from your competitors or the greater market. Then, you can start to plan out individual marketing tactics or campaigns to gain short-term sales.


How I can help your business

Before starting Violet Clover Consulting a couple of years ago, I worked for 15 years in marketing for large Fortune 500 companies (my LinkedIn profile). I know what it takes to build a global brand and now I'm using that same experience to help smaller businesses and non-profits do the same thing locally.


If you're interested, let's schedule an introductory meeting for us to discuss your goals and how I can help your business specifically.

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