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How to ask for a Google review

Google Reviews (and other online reviews) build trust with your potential customers. It gives these potential customers insights into what it’s like to work with you from reliable sources. It also gives your current customers an outlet to provide feedback (both good and bad) and you then get an opportunity to make any adjustments.


Best practices

  • Send a personal message – When you ask your current customers for a Google Review, remember that you’re asking them to take time out of their day to think through what they want to say and provide the actual review, so you should take the time to send them a personal message – address them by their name, mention specific interactions, customize your feedback questions, and acknowledge their loyalty.

  • Ask as close to the purchase or service as possible – You want them to review your work as soon as possible so that their feedback is as fresh as possible so they can remember specific details.

  • Make the process as easy as possible – When you’re on your Google listing you’ll see a link to “Ask for a review”. A new screen will pop up. Use this review link in your communication to the customer.

  • Follow-up if needed – You don’t want to pester them, but a follow-up or two won’t hurt.

  • Send a thank you for the review – By acknowledging their review, you’re showing that you’re committed to receiving feedback – especially if they are critical of something.



  • Buying Google Reviews.

  • Incentivizing people to leave a review (e.g., discount on products and services, etc.).

  • Force anyone to leave a review in order to work with you.

  • Spam people until they leave a review.

Easy to use Email template

Hello [first name],


This is [your name] from [company name]. We’re always looking to get feedback from our most loyal customers. Would you be interested in sharing your experience with us online? In the age of transparency, we’d love to share your feedback publicly.


Simply click on this Google Review Link (link) and you’ll be taken to a review screen.


If you have time, leave as much detail about your experience as possible:

·       What did you enjoy about our [specific product/service]?

·       How was your interactions with our team?

·       What did you appreciate the most?

·       How can we improve your experience in the future?


Thank you in advance for your time [first name]!


Warm regards,

[your name]

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