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How can Email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy

An inbound marketing strategy uses online content to attract your ideal customer. This strategy takes the form of social media posts, videos, blogs, SEO (search engine optimization), digital advertisements (i.e. social media, Google, etc.), and Email marketing.

Benefits of inbound marketing

One of the biggest benefits of inbound marketing is that you create specific content to interact with your ideal customer's buying journey at a large scale.

For example, you sell hammers and nails. You can go to trade shows to highlight your hammers and nails to the people who are at that event (i.e. outbound marketing). Or, you could create content that is specific to people looking for a new hammer and nails across the Internet (i.e. new homeowners looking for tips OR professional contractors). This could take the form of blogs that target specific keywords, social media posts that serve as inspiration for the project they'll need that hammer and nails for, and how to videos. This way you're staying top of mind and helping to nudge them towards a purchase. Plus, when you're at a trade show, you can point people to the online content to help keep those conversations going.

Another benefit of inbound marketing is that it's affordable strategy - reduced printing and travel costs - because you're creating digital content. The biggest cost is the cost to create content and to strategically advertise specific content.

Collecting and storing Emails

When you create content that is geared towards your ideal customer, there are some valuable pieces of content that you can provide in return for their Email address. This includes eBooks, templates, research, subscriptions, etc. You can also add an Email subscription form to your website - like the one in the footer of our site.

Pro Tip - Never buy an Email list!! These lists are very low quality and lead to more SPAM reports than they will lead to actual customers.

Once you have someone's email, be sure to store it securely using a trusted CRM (customer relationship management) tool and create a privacy policy on your website so people know how you'll use their Email address.

How can Email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy

While social media, blogs, and videos are created to reach a group of specific people, Emails can help you to have a one-on-one conversation with a specific person and continue them down the path to purchase. Here are a few ways that Emails can help take your inbound marketing to the next level.

  • Create an automated Email to welcome new subscribers to your Email newsletter.

  • Send an email with a PDF of the digital resource they exchanged their Email address for (i.e. the eBook, template, etc.)

  • Send a monthly eNewsletter to continue to add value and provide exclusive content.

  • Email open leads who may need a follow-up.

  • Recommend other products or services.


We can help you develop and implement an effective inbound marketing strategy. If you'd like some help, let's schedule an introductory meeting for us to get to know each other better and discuss your goals.


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