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3 ways to improve your business communications

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Business communications often come with big words and jargon, but they don't have to be complicated to be effective. Let's say you've decided on a new reservation system. It has all of the bells and whistles to help your team manage every part of your business. The system itself is intuitive and comes with a technical manual, but there are still some communication considerations that you need to work through before everyone is fully onboarded. Let's explore three ways to make sure the onboarding process goes smoothly:

  1. Know your audience - As you are launching this new reservation system you'll need to communicate with both your employees and customers. Be sure to consider how each audience wants to receive the information that you have to give them. Your employees likely will need an introduction to the new system, training opportunities, reference materials, and materials to help them guide the conversation with a customer. Meanwhile, your customer will need to become aware of the new tool, tips to help guide them through the process, and a way to contact your employees with questions.

  2. Setting the tone - The technical manual is like a one-hundred piece orchestra that comes with every detail needed for that song (or new reservation system). But, for most of your employees and customers, you only need to bring a four-piece band. Keeping it simple and using a more conversational tone will help them learn the song/system faster.

  3. Confidence is key - When you're wearing your favorite pair of shoes, you have more of a pep in your step and speak very highly of that brand. That same confidence happens when something is working exactly how you want it to. When you're communicating with your employees and customers make sure that your directions are clear and accurate. That clarity leads to confidence which leads to boasting about your brand.

Bonus tip - When in doubt, ask someone you trust review what you've drafted and see what questions they come up with. These will likely be the same ones that your employees or customers will have, so be sure to address them in your communication.

What communication are you working on? Who is your audience? What do they need to know about the change? Do you need someone to review what you've done? Violet Clover Consulting can help.

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