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Turn your customers into "Friends"

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Getting to know your customers is the foundation of a successful business. Documenting what you know about your customers will help you identify opportunities and find others like them.

Let's look at an example

A local coffee shop, Central Perk, has three regular customers - Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe. They are friends who all live in NYC, but they are each unique.

Monica is a chef who is close to her family. She is competitive and enjoys being rewarded (especially when the Geller cup is up for grabs).

Rachel works in retail. She grew up in a privileged family, and recently became more independent while working as a waitress at Central Perk.

Phoebe is a musician who has lived on her own since she was a teenager. Her friends are her family, and she is loyal to businesses who support her interests.

From what we know about these customers of the coffee shop, there are a few options that Central Perk can implement to improve the experience for each of these customers:

  • Offer a rewards program that gives a free coffee after a customer, like Monica, purchases 9 coffees.

  • Work with a local chef to create and feature a muffin that complements one of the coffees.

  • Create a Facebook group for current and former employees who can continue to stay connected to Central Perk and be advocates for the brand.

  • Hire local musicians to perform and invite their fan base.

What do you know about your customers?

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