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The best ways to promote an award you've won

Congrats! Your business has won an award. It feels great to be recognized for your hard work and you should celebrate with your team and customers.

3 ways to promote your new award so that you look grateful and not arrogant.

Be authentic - use live video

Static (text only) announcements can seem cold. Share your appreciation by going live on your business's social media accounts. It's a more authentic way to share your excitement and social networks reward live videos with more reach.

Give credit to those who deserve it

Yes, your business won the award, but I bet that there are specific teams or individuals who contributed a lot to why you won.

Maybe it's your customer service team who built relationships with your customers and those customers voted for you to win that award. Be sure to give your customer service team a shout-out and thank your customers for their support.

Or, maybe your IT team developed a new software that is changing how the industry operates. Give them a shout-out and explain (in layman's terms) the impact they made.

Encourage your employees to share the good news too

Your team should be proud of this accomplishment too. Give them some sample language that they can post on social media, add to a client email, or include in their email signature block.

All-in-all, use your new award as a way to appreciate your employees and customers and reinforce the value you bring.

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