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What your business can learn from marketing a corn dog

It's Iowa State Fair time and that can only mean one thing - food on a stick. One of the most popular foods on a stick is the corn dog.

Selling a corn dog may seem straight forward. Open a stand with bright signage in a high traffic area and then wait for the line to form. But, with dozens of other stands doing that same thing, what is going to set your stand apart?

3 ways to set your stand/business apart

Engage with your loyal customers. These customers come to your stand every year because you're close to another attraction or they know someone who works at your stand. Start by building up your Facebook community. You can proactively post content, encourage your customers to tag you in their photos, and encourage your employees to tag you in their posts too. These additional sources of content - from your customers and employees - will expand your brand to their followers as well.

Diversify your product offering to attract new customers. Maybe you create a gluten-free or vegan version of a corn dog. Or, you offer one that is over two-feet long. These new takes on a corn dog will attract customers who want to try the latest and greatest, and it will attract customers who have dietary restrictions who may have never come to your stand before.

Bundle the corn dog with other products. Bundling products together increases your average total sale amount and your customers see it as a better value. Items that you can bundle with your corn dog could include handmade lemonade, fries, or a dessert.


How can you apply these same concepts to your business? If you need help brainstorming, let's schedule some time to talk. Email me directly at

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