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How Google's Year In Search can help your business?

Earlier today (December 8, 2021) Google released their Year In Search report. This annual summary highlights what people around the world - and in the U.S. - are searching for.

Sure, you'd expect to see "COVID vaccine near me", "hand soap", and "Kim & Kanye" among the top search terms, but did you know that:

  • Americans searched for "plumber" more than ever before.

  • Interest in "WNBA jerseys" doubled.

  • "How to start a business" was search for more, globally, then "how to get a job".

By staying on top of Google Trends, you can identify trends that can help your business stand apart from the competition. For example, if you own a sports bar and you see that searches for "WNBA jerseys" doubled, then you should probably host watch parties like you would for NFL games. Then, promote these events using Google Ads that target people searching for "WNBA jerseys".

Need help identifying the trends that can have a real impact on your business? We can do the research for you, summarize what we find, and provide you with recommendations. When you're ready, let's set up a meeting to talk through the details.

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