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3 marketing trends to watch in 2023

It seems like there is a new meme or TikTok trend every week. So, how do you know which ones to take advantage of for your business?

I've pulled together 3 of the trends that I see being around throughout 2023 and that any business can take advantage of.

Humanized digital communications

Over the past couple of years a lot of our business processes have become more digital. Digital invoices, scheduling tools, chat bots, etc. It's led to new efficiencies, but has also removed some of the human connection. In 2023 we'll see businesses review their digital communications and make them more conversational in tone.

For example, you can review the email that goes with the appointment confirmation. When you read it out loud, does it sound like a real person is saying it or does it read like a transaction? Start by humanizing the greeting. Then, add the key information and an FAQ to help make the reader - especially first timers - more prepared for their appointment. And, close the communication with a "thank you" and a way for them to get in touch with you if they have other questions or need to make a change to the meeting.

Short-form video is here to stay

In 2022 we saw other social media platforms TikTok-ify their platforms - YouTube Shorts, expanded Reels, etc. In 2023 we'll see these social media platforms continue to reward profiles and pages who use short-form video with greater organic reach. This trend doesn't mean that you and your team need to do a choreographed dance, but you should plan to leverage the sounds and trends to distribute your message.

For example, I worked with a fitness professional and she used a TikTok trending song as the background music while she assembled a smoothy from her cookbook. By using the trending song, she had a better chance of appearing in new feeds and expanded who saw her video and cookbook.

You can take this trend one step further and add these short-form videos to your YouTube page with a description. This will adds your video to the 2nd largest search engine in the world and extend the lifetime of the video.

This is one trend that I plan to implement in 2023. Follow Violet Clover Consulting on YouTube to see what we come up with.

Data is king

With all of these digital interactions it's important to know whether or not it's helping you achieve your goals. Social media metrics, Email open rates, Google Analytics, etc. are all great sources of data and information to help you identify trends that can inform your next steps.

For example, one of your short-form videos goes viral led to 50 new customers. Boost this video as an ad and repurpose the content into new posts in order to squeeze all of the value out of the viral video you can.


As you start to apply these trends to your business make sure that you're staying true to your brand (or what your business is known for) and business goals.

If you ever have a question about how to apply these trends or how you can achieve a specific objective, contact me so we can schedule a free initial consultation.

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